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Uploading Files

1. Compress your files into one archive (StuffIt or Zip files are preferred). Please keep in mind that you cannot upload any file larger than 500MB to our FTP server; if your project will not compress to less than 500MB you must submit your files on a disk. To learn about compression or making Stuffit or Zip files.

2. Select your Midtown Printing contact from the dropdown list. If you are unsure, leave the box at "None Assigned".
Selecting the proper contact will ensure the fastest processing of your artwork. The contact person will receive an email notifying them of your file upload as soon as it is completed.

3. Click on the "Browse" button to locate the file on your computer.
4. Upload your file by clicking on the "Send File" button.
5. Make sure that your file name has your customer account code in it.
Please Note: This process will take longer for slower connections and larger files. Do not click the submit button more than one time, and do not stop your browser. A 40 Mb file over a 14.4 modem will take around 8 hours to complete, so take note of this fact before beginning a large upload.


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